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TEDUCOM identifies communication needs, define marketing objectives, recognizes new market opportunities, devise branding and digital strategies, design marketing communications, create strong online presence and execute marketing campaigns; this assisting our clients in achieving their business objectives and building global brands.

We specialize in understanding traditional and new age communication mediums and how consumers respond to brand communications. We combine our experience and expertise in Branding, Design and Digital Advertisement, Marketing & Business Development Strategy and TV/Radio Programmes to provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to strongly connect brands with the target audience.



Advertising | Prints & Production | Company Brand & Rebranding | Products & Services Branding | Events & People Branding | Places & Vehicles | Corporate & Social Gift Items |


Promotions & Activations:

Our brand activations and promotions initiate a relationship between consumer and your brand – by providing the opportunity and the motivation for the consumer to engage with your brand.

Sampling + Demonstration | Pamphlet Distribution | Roadshow | Launches | Pop-Up Shops | Flash Mobs

Experiential Marketing:

We build long-term loyalty by providing unforgettable, fun, feel-good experiences where consumers fall in love with your brand. And when someone’s in love, they like to share the news with the world! It’s why experiential marketing is also an ideal catalyst for social media and word of mouth exposure.

Brand Love Campaigns:

Our brand love campaigns are built around bold ideas: enticing experiences that invite a fresh perspective and stir up positive emotions, creating a closer bond between the consumer and your brand. Our brand love campaigns can include any number of big or small experiential events; all built around your brand and strategically targeted to reach consumers in ideal and unexpected environments.

Experiential Events:

Our experiential events are once-off events that take advantage of an ideal time and place to create an extraordinary and meaningful experience between your brand and the consumer. The experience has a lasting effect well beyond the event itself and by its very nature is share-worthy, extending the life of the event via social media.


Field Marketing:

TEDUCOM conducts various field marketing activities, utilising an extensive base of field marketers, supported by real-time reporting tools that provide valuable feedback and information at your fingertips. 

Merchandising Support - Make the most of your merchandising space to stimulate consumer interest and drive sales.

Mystery Shopping - Mystery shopping is a great measure of just how well your brand is doing on the ground. Teducom’s activities in the field, coupled with our instant reporting tools, provide market insights you can act on now.

Market Research - With real-time reporting and feedback from the field, Tradeway provides real market insights you can act on now to create real results.

Store Audits - Teducom can provide the extra resources, support and technology you need to conduct a successful store audit.

Staff Training - Make sure your field or store staff have the knowledge and know-how they need so that your marketing efforts take real effect.

Incentive Launches - Teducom has the tools to put the excitement back into incentive with a perfectly placed incentive launch.

Lead Generation - Teducom will assist with lead generation activities that generate consumer interest in order to build lists and get sales leads.

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